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List Of Qualifications

There are a vast amount of qualifications and options available to you, choosing the course to suit your needs can be confusing. While researching courses you may have found that there are many different accrediting bodies usually in the form of confusing initials. We would like this a bit easier for you.

What is the difference between a London School of Nails and Beauty Diploma Diploma and a NVQ / VRQ level qualification?

VTCT/NVQ Certificate
The Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT) is the beauty industry's oldest awarding body. They issue NVQ certificates (National Vocational Qualifications) and VRQ's (Vocational Related Qualifications) which are both internationally recognised certificates. Both are equivalent, and vary according to the subject unit you are taking.

The standards for NVQ certification are set by HABIA, the Government setting standards body for the hair and beauty industry.  You can rest assure that our courses are designed, delivered and assessed to meet these rigorous requirements set by the awarding body.


National Vocational Qualifications vs. Vocational Related Qualifications

VTCT offer NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications) as well as the VRQ (Vocational Related Qualification).
Both types of qualifications are fully recognised for insurance and within the industry


  • An NVQ is a work-related, hands-on qualification that focuses on employment skills for you.
  • They've been developed by the industry for the industry.
  • It is a collection of units which, when completed, gives you the full compliment of skills required to work in the beauty industry.
  • The achievement of all units makes you competent or 'work ready' for your new beauty career.


  • A Vocational Qualification is similar to an NVQ in that it is work related and practical and focuses on developing your employment skills.
  • It will apply to a specific subject within that industry.
  • This is great as a 'preparation for work' qualification.

The units that make up the NVQ are chosen and developed by industry specialists (HABIA) who identified the main skills that are required to fulfil a specific job role or occupation.

Where other subjects have value within the sector, but do not wholly contribute to the core of what the industry actually needs, e.g. Reflexology, then the VRQ is offered to ensure a certain level of knowledge is attained and meet insurance requirements.

VRQ's are like 'pockets of skill' within a subject area related to an occupation

London School of Nails and Beauty Diploma

You will be accredited with one of the following accreditation (PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY, BABTAC, GUILD, AOI, ABT). As such, this UK diploma you receive will indicate that you have been trained to a standard high enough for those governing bodies, and will allow you to obtain insurance. The significant advantage of choosing this route is that it offers the quickest and cheapest way to get started in the beauty industry and become a mobile beauty / nail technician.

Which one? London School of Nails and Beauty Diploma, VTCT/NVQ qualifications, or both?

For those of you who are considering working for yourself or as a mobile therapist then the London School of Nails and Beauty Diploma and those that are accredited by (PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY, BABTAC, GUILD, AOI, ABT) which is valid for insurance purposes, would usually suit your needs. In cases where you may be looking for employment; in salons, spas or cruise ships, both in the UK and/or abroad, then we will offer you a  VTCT/NVQ qualification.

VTCT or City & Guilds?

We use the VTCT because:
- They are the major awarding body in the UK, the market leader and provider of specialist qualifications in beauty therapy, massage and holistic therapy and nail services.
- Since 1962 they have been the specialists in this field

Can I work abroad?

Yes you can!  IAO is a globally recognised qualifications.  IAO is International Accreditation Organisation.  You will have the opportunity to become an international Beauty Therapist, Hairdresser or Nail Technician be on the same par with global standards by holding a IAO Course Certification. (to be confirmed)



  • For students who are from abroad and want to take away additional qualification as well as their degree.
  • For those who are thinking of moving abroad, the IAO certification will be recognised where ever you are.  This will prevent you from re-qualifying again, saving time and money.

To become internationally recognised.  Just add £199 to any of our courses held at Bristol, Manchester, Southampton, Leicester, Birmingham or London Heathrow.