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Complaints Policy

COMPLAINTS POLICY & PROCEDURES: All complaints are confidential and dealt with honestly and fairly.  Please note.  It is very difficult for us to deal
satisfactory with any Anonymous Complaints, so please provide your details/complaint within 24 hours after enrolment. We can only speak with the student (no third parties).

1.  Verbal: To Tutor or one of our Customer Services Staff.  If complaints are made to other students during training the Tutor has the right to cease your training as you are in breach of following Professional Ethics and our Student Code of Conduct.  Firstly,
you will be given a Verbal Warning.  If this unprofessional behaviour continues, you will be asked to leave the training/premises.  You will not be able to enrol on future courses.  Course fees will not be reimbursed.  If unacceptable behaviour continues after you have completed your course towards any member of staff, via phone call, text message or email.  The School will not be able to provide you with any further Services e.g. aftercare support; new course bookings and products will not be able to be purchased from our website.

2.  Student Feedback Form:  Your  Student Feedback  comments written on completion of your course will be taken into account.  Your comments  and concerns will investigated within 10 working days.  If you are still unsatisfied with the outcome.  Follow Stage 3.

3.   Write a Letter or Email Us : Click  Write to: Head Office: 23 Castalia Square, London E14 3NG.
Information will be collated Based on your Student Feedback, Tutor, emails, documentation, and Staff members comments.  This matter will go straight to one of our Directors.  We endeavour to investigate and respond to you within 14 working days.  If you are still unsatisfied with our response and decide to take the matter to a third party.  Unfortunately, the Admin Team are then unable to communicate directly with the student any longer as you have referred the matter further.  If during this situation we have found that the student has defamed the Schools name, we will take legal action against you and your complaint will not be dealt with.

4.  Staff Abuse: London School of Nails and Beauty or our External Training Providers wants to deal fairly and honestly with complainants. If students continually email/text staff  and not following complaints procedure and decide to exasperating our resources by bombarding the School with emails/text complaints. The London School of Nails and Beauty may inform the Police of behaviour that is considered to be unacceptable, aggressive, threatening or obsessive.  This will not be tolerated and your matter will automatically be closed. (see clause 1)

5.   Complaints About Products, Manufacturers & External Training Providers.  London School of Nails and Beauty or our External Training Providers recognises complaints regarding products and equipment supplied through ourselves, and any organisation contracted to work or supply London School of Nails and Beauty or our External Training Providers.  Our Sales Department will seek to resolve such complaints and will forward complaints received in respect of other organisations to the appropriate bodies.  Where the complaint extends to the training service, whilst the tutor may be requested to provide information to satisfy the complaint, this will be handled appropriately as to not prejudice your further training or assessments.

6.  Equalities Statement: London School of Nails and Beauty or our External
Training Providers aims to handle all complaints fairly and honestly regardless
of who makes a complaint.  Will handle all members of the community impartially and will not show bias to any particular individual or group.

7.  Matters that are Outside our Internal Complaints Procedure:  Staff members are unable to deal with any complaints outside our jurisdiction, these are complaints
  which are subject to legal proceedings.   These complaints are logged and recorded and analysed as part of the customer service satisfaction procedure and for legal purposes.

8. Resolving the matter:  We pride ourselves on our Customer Service and  Professional Training Services but if you feel we have let you down, please accept our apologies and let us know how we can try to rectify the matter to both parties satisfaction.